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Birth Classes

Use Your Birth Language to Prepare for a Better Birth

Note: At this time I am not offering group classes.  Private, in-home classes are available for scheduling at your convenience.
These are typically reserved for my doula clients, but are currently open to all.  Please contact me for further details/availabilty.

Private Birth Class Charlottesville

What makes the idea of labor and birth so scary?

For most people, it's the fear of the unknown. So...let's get to know birth!


While the basics of labor and childbirth remain the same, you bring your own experiences and preferences into it. 

Birth Languages recognizes that each mother and couple is unique. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach! We will explore how your personality, past experiences, and relationship dynamics might play into your experience of birth.

By gaining insight into your unique Birth Language and the tools you can use to support it, you will be prepared to positively engage with labor. You and your partner will be equipped to work as a team and approach your baby's birth-day with confidence.

A Fresh Approach to Childbirth Education

In a Birth Languages Class, you will:
  • Identify your Birth Language and how it can support a calm, confident birth experience

  • Practice corresponding physical, emotional, and mental labor support

  • Explore your own beliefs, desires, and attitudes about birth

  • Discuss the variety of birth choices available

  • Personalize birth preferences

  • Become familiar with the stages of labor and the physiology of birth

  • Use this knowledge to make decisions with confidence

  • Implement exercise and nutrition during pregnancy for increased comfort and health

  • Discuss common medical interventions

  • Learn to communicate with care providers

  • Discover how baby's position affects labor and practice techniques to optimize it.

  • Those who have given birth will have the opportunity to discuss and learn from past birth experiences

Birth Class Charlottesville
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